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Spacecase, Radical Workspaces. Exceptional office furniture with full customization service for all products. Delivery all over Europe. Check out our desk systems, executive desks, office chairs and more. Ready for something new?
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Kiss Kiss lips table


For extraordinary people looking for something different, you came to the right place.

We got your back

Are sit-stand desks becoming the standard? Well, at least we can make them look good.

Woody sit-stand desk

Bling is our thing…

Cable grommets and cabinet handles, standard available in 4 metal colours.

And why not… also our desktops and cabinets are available in these colours.
(Don’t worry, we also have black and white)

metal grommets
metal desktops
metal handles

we love customization

The only limit is your imagination…
Change colors, dimensions, shapes and configurations of our standard products. Or request a free custom design for a completely new product from the ground up.
Please, surprise us.

Zadar-A desk

Yes, next to setting trends, we also follow trends… and improve on them.

Ash color desk
Kaki gold desk

Color options

Kaki green finish with gold fittings? It’s in our standard range…

Think Pink Special

Support the Think Pink Foundation, choose pink.
Only for true machos and power babes.

Zadar Think Pink desk

“Workforce wellness should not just be a trend, but the standard in workspace design”

Cédric Gordier – Principal Designer