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Spacecase, Radical Workspaces. Exceptional office furniture with full customization service for all products. Delivery all over Europe. Check out our desk systems, executive desks, office chairs and more. Ready for something new?
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We Invest in You

You believe in our product, so we help you to bring it to market. We created a unique marketing program for our partners, and offer extensive discounts for showroom models.

Fast Assembly

All Spacecase products are easy and fast to assemble compliant to the Ready To Assemble (RTA) principle. Save time and money on your projects, and make your clients happy by limiting inconvenience.

Easy Quotation

Do you also struggle with pricelists from your suppliers? And as a result made mistakes in your quotations? Rely on our clear and simple pricelists.

pricing & discounts

High end products at competitive prices. Why choose between either one?
And why would we limit your space for getting that nice project in… At Spacecase we offer an attractive dealer discount. 

Support & documentation

We provide you with extensive technical info, high resolution pictures and CAD files for all our products. Also enjoy full customization service, with minimal price increase and limited lead times.


Spacecase products are transported with high quality packaging. Therefore minimizing transport damages, and saving you from delays and unhappy clients.

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